Sunday, February 13, 2011

So Excited!

I am so excited for these upcoming projects. Of course, it would be more fun to make them for someone in particular rather than just make them for my store. But trust me, these are FUN projects.

#1 A pleated fabric scarf.

#2 Flapper Girl style earwarmer.

The rest of these are for purses. Picture my crochet purse that I've already completed, with these patterns instead.

#3 Flower Purse

#4 Knotted Purse....This is the one I'm most excited about. I know it's hard to picture a purse with this stitch, but trust me. If you order it, you'll love it. I picture it with a light blue-green underneath a cream color. I wish I could find a better picture of this stitch. Just realize that when I make it, it will be a much cleaner look. This one kind of looks ratty to me.

#5 I think these diamond shapes would be fun to play with in a purse. Don't forget, you pick the colors.

#6 This is a really pretty lacy, ruffly sort of pattern that I want to incorporate into an overlay on a purse.

All of my purses are going for $40 right now, except the green loopy one.

The flapper hat and the scarf will be going for $20 each. These prices are only good for the first person to snag these items. After that, they go in my Etsy shop for a higher price.

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