Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm making some changes to my Etsy Shop. I'm going to start narrowing down the items that I'm selling. I want to specialize in just a few things, and make lots of those few things.

After today, I'm going to get rid of the following items in my shop:

Felt Headband
Crochet Booties
Elegant Headband
Beaded Socks
Hairbow Organizer
Crayon Roll-up
Tutu Outfit
Crochet Skirt
Hair Accessories

If you have been wanting any of these items, today is your last day to order them.

Living in Ivory will now be just adult crochet items. I have started two other shops:
Living in Crimson is just bags and purses.
Living in Amethyst is just crochet patterns.

Any questions? Let me know.

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